Breakthough Video Lessons To Learn Classical Guitar Pieces Using Modern Methods

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This set is for those who have had a yearning to add some great Classical Guitar pieces to their repertoire.......but don't want to spend three years studying music and technique.

The set is aimed at beginners/intermediates.

(Equates to about grades 1-4)
What skill level is this set intended for?

This set of Classical Pieces is aimed at the beginner up to the intermediate player.

If you've only just started playing then there are lots of pieces to to get you started here.

If you've been playing a while then you'll find most of these well within your reach but with enough challenge to make them a worthwhile study.

If you are interested in learning this style then move fast.

I haven't written the web page copy for this set yet so the site is bare bones unfinished.

As soon as I get time I'll be updating this site and the sets will be a lot more expensive than this silly low launch price that we put out a little while ago. DON'T WAIT....YOU'LL REGRET IT.

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Let's take a look at what you'll be
able to play after downloading this set:

Each piece comes with a complete and comprehensive video lesson (just as if you were in the room with Jerry)

You'll also get the powertab/Tefview file for each piece that you can play using the powertab/Tefview software (supplied as a free download). This allows you to effectively watch note by note on the screen and listen as the software plays each piece for you (at any speed you want)

So that you can carry on learning away from the computer we also include a printed version of each tablature. Handy to place in your guitar case.

For each piece we also include a play-thru video showing exactly how the piece should sound.

So that's it. At the end of this course you'll have a repertoire that you'll be able to play anywhere. You won't need to be able to sing and I promise you that even if your audience has never heard these pieces before....there'll be a definite hush when you start playing these pieces.

YES Mike . . I want to be able to play these great Classical Guitar Pieces

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This website is under re-construction. When it's finished (in a few days) the old launch price (which should have come down ages ago but I've been too busy) will be taken down and the sets will be at a new price which will reflect their true value.

In other words....the price is going UP!

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You'll get the downloads immediately after purchase. My contact details are here if you need any assistance. These videos are .wmv files that will play on any pc. Mac users may have to download a small convertor program from my website Here.
The tab sheets are in .pdf format. A pdf reader is available for download from The Adobe Website

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Mike Herberts
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P.S. You have no excuses now for not producing some great sounds from that inert funny-looking-piece-of-wood-with-strings-on. Here is a golden opportunity to really make some headway. Wotcha waiting for.....

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